Joanne understands swimming on a much deeper level than any of the club coaches we have been involved with over the years. She not only understands the exact optimal mechanics of every stroke, but can explain it in simple ways that adults and kids can understand and has dozens of clever drills to fix common problems. She gets right down to business, and has a no nonsense personality so kids keep focused, yet warm enough that they enjoy going to practice with her and are truly happy to see her each week.  Joanne trains both my daughter and son as well as several other elite swimmers in North Scottsdale.  I cannot say enough about the extraordinarily high quality of her work.  (2014) - Dan, M., M.D.


 “Coach Joanne helps you beat your records. She is always happy, knowledgeable and helpful to teach swim technique. She will never let you down and she knows you can do it!  She is the best swim coach!” - Lia O., age 8, 2018 Districts and States Swimmer

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As a business professional in the medical field, I was impressed to see Joanne exhibit such a wide variety of skills, getting the absolute most from swimmers of all skill levels, ranging from novice to those planning on attending the next Olympic trials.   Joanne has a wonderful rapport with all her swimmers by earning their trust through consistency and honesty.   All the athletes under her mentorship have improved dramatically and it has shown in their times and new personal bests at competitive swim meets.    In addition, her medical background and experience in physiology and kinesiology allow her a unique perspective for competitive training.   Always at the forefront is the athlete’s safety, proper mechanics and efficiency. (2014) - Milos B.

I have two young sons who love to swim. Part of that reason is because Joanne has improved their techniques in all of the different swimming strokes. My kids enjoy their lesson with Joanne. She is very helpful in developing my sons' competitive swimming abilities and makes it fun in a way that it is not all work for my kids. What I also love about these swim lessons, as a parent, is that she informs and teaches me the mechanics of various strokes and how I can help my sons improve their technique. She genuinely cares about progressing my sons' swimming abilities. What makes Joanne a very good coach is that she is very knowledgeable in the field of swimming and just as important, she has a kind personality. (2019) - Jeff L., DDS, MD

Joanne has instilled a sense of discipline and work ethic into our two children. Joanne has a systematic approach to her teaching method which builds on strength and endurance. I required a reliable trustworthy swim coach. Joanne exceeded our highest expectations. She was always punctual, pleasant and dependable. Joanne provided guidance and structure to her session which was over and above her job description. I, as physician, understand the challenges associated with finding hardworking dedicated individuals. Also having experience with other fitness counselors before Joanne, I can honestly say she is in a class of her own. (2012) - Priti R., M.D.

 I have known Joanne for close to 10 years. We met while Joanne was a swim instructor at the Westend Racquet and Fitness Center. She is by far the best instructor our boys have experienced. Joanne taught our first son to swim all four competitive strokes before his fifth birthday. (2012) - Ilene R.

My children started out at the beginner level and have become excellent swimmers within a year.  Both my children find joy and excitement in how far they have progressed with Joanne's encouragement.  With her program, my children have learned to believe in their swim abilities and have gained tremendous confidence. I am continually impressed by her ability to work with swimmers of different maturity levels and age groups.  She is able to communicate with children in a way which encompasses passion.  Joanne is loving and caring and is committed to her swimmers’ ability and maturity in preparing them to further explore their potential.  As a parent, I believe her personality and passion inspires children to believe in themselves and their abilities needed for continued growth to pursue excellence in a sport.  Her devotion and love of training is evident and her program design surpassed parents’ expectations. (2012) -Tracy S.