We are what we repeatedly do, excellence then is not a (single) act but a habit.
— Aristotle (384-322 B.C.)

Welcome to SWIM TECHNIQUE COACHING, a swim lesson program that implements USA Swimming and American Swim Coaches Association guidelines for best practices in skill development and refinement. Our targeted swim instruction employs unique and effective drills to achieve real results and early success in the pool!  We work with many competitive athletes and love teaching students of all ages and abilities.  There are many regional swim lesson programs for novice swimmers so we recommend you come to us already comfortable with going under water and floating so that we can "dive" right in to teaching you correct stroke mechanics.   Whatever your starting point, we will help you reach your goals at each step toward success!

Competitive swimmer, triathlete, or fitness swimmer, you will benefit from our 35 years of experience in coaching technique for maximum efficiency and speed.  In addition, we offer assistance with general nutritional guidelines, dry training, mental preparation, and race strategy for events. 


We work with many competitive swimming athletes and welcome students of all abilities and ages.  Schedule today!


PRIVATE LESSONS AND SEASONAL CLINICS are available and scheduled by appointment Monday through Sunday.  We utilize an indoor warm water 25 yard pool in Allentown, PA as well as summer outdoor pools throughout the area and will come to your home pool. You will need a swim cap, swim goggles, and swim fins for your lesson.  


 Trident Masters Swimmers, Allentown, PA 2018

Trident Masters Swimmers, Allentown, PA 2018