A Wellness Solution for All Ages...Swimming

While obesity has greatly risen among Americans and significantly in young people, the sport of swimming may well be the secret to wellness and an activity that can keep all individuals healthy and fit into old age. If you have ever spent much time around a lap pool, you will note that many seniors swim daily and maintain a great sense of overall well being, healthy body weight, strength and flexibility, along with a youthful spirit. Those that swim regularly will testify that “we can't live without it” as it provides amazingly positive mind-body and physiological benefits. Some will even tell you it is a spiritual time for them to meditate amidst endless laps.

Swimming...we all would agree is a vital skill in preventing drowning which is one of the leading causes of death in young children. However, what you may not know is that Swimming is the fastest growing sport for young people and an activity that promotes healthy lifestyles and relationships among parents and their children, coaches, peers, and even competitors. According to the most recent statistics by USA Swimming,

“Membership in USA Swimming has topped 400,000; more than 350,000 of whom are athlete members, with an additional 18,000 coach members and 2,800 member clubs. This represents 46% growth in the past 10 years. The retention rate is 75%, and for athletes age 13 and older the retention rate increases to more than 90%. In today’s youth sport marketplace these are eye-popping positive numbers.” (USA Swimming)

These statistics are hopeful signs that young people are active. Join the growing numbers. Invest in your children's wellness future and your own by learning to swim with a qualified instructor. Once you are swimming well, you will discover the benefits for yourself. It is one of the best health, wellness, and safety returns for your investment.