Water Fitness for the Non-Swimmer!

Even non-swimmers can achieve good fitness results exercising in the pool.  So, you say you’re not a swimmer but you like the water.  Why not try some aquatic exercise!   You don’t even have to get your face wet.   Vertical versus horizontal positioned exercise in water can reduce the gravity effects of impact by up to 50% in chest deep water and the resistance of moving through water helps strengthen your muscles. When we move through water, it is sort of like moving through honey.  If you add equipment such as hand paddles, water bells, or foam noodles you can increase the resistance further and build strength.   Adding fins helps with kicking better and also improves strength and endurance in the core and legs.  The pressure water exerts on your body – what we call “hydrostatic pressure” – increases circulation and is great for people coming off of injuries or those who have a tendency to retain fluids in the lower extremities.  Stretching is easier in water because the reduced gravity helps the joint spaces to expand.  Buoyancy assists motions that will increase stretch, as when you are lifting the leg to increase hamstrings flexibility.  The water is a fantastic fitness resource for everyone.