Summer Safety by the Water

Summer is here and water activities are part of the fun of warmer longer days and vacations at the beach or lake.  Learning to swim is the best way to be safe around water.  Children and adults will benefit from understanding safe water practices and survival skills should it become necessary.  Be sure to use the proper fitting U.S. Coast Guard approved personal flotation devices (PFD's) in all open water sports and activities. Whether boating, water skiing, or paddle boarding, a PFD is necessary equipment.

In summer months, electrical storms occur frequently so be alert.  At the first sound of thunder or sighting of lighting, get out of the water and move to a building.  Wait 30 minutes after the last sounds or sightings to re-enter the water and always wait for lifeguards to give the OK when they are supervising the beach, lake, or pool area..

In addition, test your child's abilities if they haven't been taking swim lessons all year, since most children regress in endurance and skill through the winter months.  If in doubt, be sure to get some swim lessons with a qualified instructor to prepare them for pool time and vacations this summer.